~2016 DECEMBER Rosalina Vargas

"COTA helped us see the love that surrounded us during a very dark time. COTA continues to give us so much hope.”

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Liver Transplant Recipient / Candidate

Helpful Links

Here are some resources to help you through your transplant journey.

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State Organ and Tissue Donor Registries
Organ Procurement Organizations
Organ and Disease Specific Organizations
Transplant Discussion Groups
Prescription Assistance
State Prescription Assistance Programs
Transplant Resources
Regional Transportation Services


A Story of Hope

“In our family's case, the prospect of a transplant was a worst case scenario. Isabella ingested something that caused her kidneys to quit working, and when we heard that a transplant was our next step … we had already lost hope in so many ways. Once we were introduced to COTA, we learned of their many successful transplant stories and this helped to renew our hope that Isabella was going to make it. It also gave us hope to know that the COTA fund will be with her throughout her lifetime.”
~ Les and Cindy Crutcher, Parents of Isabella