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Hope for the Holidays – Jordan and Luke Ocampo


COTA Kid Luke Ocampo was born in February 2007. About two years later, his brother Jordan was born. Their parents were beyond delighted with their seemingly healthy and happy boys. However, at Jordan’s 12-month check their world collapsed when it was discovered he was in kidney failure. Jordan was put on dialysis for a year before he received the best gift ever on Christmas Eve 2012. The Ocampos will never forget the joy they felt that Christmas Day in the hospital when Jordan woke up from the transplant and they were told his new kidney was working well.


Once home and settling into the family’s new post-transplant normal, they learned Luke also needed a life-saving kidney transplant. On July 4, 2014, Luke received his second chance at life.


2014 Jordan Ocampo welcome home

 “We cannot thank COTA enough for the grace they have given us. They have been beside us every step of the way. We believe that COTA is the breath that saves lives. It is such a sense of security for our family knowing COTA funds will be with our boys for their lifetimes.”


-Cora and Cisco Ocampo


Today, Jordan and Luke are strong and energetic -- full of life, energy and smiles. They both bring great joy to their family who went from praying that each boy would live just one more day to now making plans for their future. A future that is filled with HOPE. While this year’s Ocampo Christmas tree will most likely have many gifts beneath its boughs, undoubtedly the most precious will be new baby sister, Amelia Hope, who was just born at the end of October. (Initial testing shows Amelia Hope’s kidneys are healthy.)


Please make a hope-restoring gift to COTA today. Together, we can ensure transplant families are supported throughout their children’s transplant journeys.