Miracle Maker Celebration


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This year, the 2017 George Taliaferro Miracle Maker Award will honor Paula Hern, Tom Barbour and the JLH Foundation which is named after John L. Hern, who received a life-saving heart transplant. While Hern awaited his transplant, he befriended numerous transplant patients. He encountered many who could not afford the associated costs of a transplant, such as expensive prescriptions and temporary housing while undergoing treatments. Because of this, the Hern family devised a plan to offer financial assistance to fellow transplant patients. Their wish was made a reality through the formation of the JLH Foundation, which supports the financial needs of transplant patients and their families while promoting the need for organ donation. The Hern family’s generous and loving nature, as well as a devotion to helping those in need, will live on through the JLH Foundation for many years to come.

2017 Miracle Maker Celebration