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Meet Ephraim

Eprhraim Harding"Shortly after making the call-that-changed-everything to COTA, we officially became part of the COTA family. From the moment of first contact, COTA sparked hope in our hearts that one day our son's story would be heard and people would be moved to action, even if that meant becoming a registered organ donor. Once we were a COTA family, doors began to open and hope began to grow. Thank you, COTA, for giving us much more than an avenue to raise funds … you gave us an avenue for hope."
Rebecca and Seth Harding, Parents of Ephraim
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Thank you for Giving Hope and Making Miracles in 2014!  Happy New Year to our COTA families and Miracle Makers.

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The Children's Organ Transplant Association helps children and young adults who need a life-saving transplant by providing fundraising assistance and family support. COTA does not charge for its services and does not take a percentage of funds raised.