~1461256492~2016 JULY Evie Wentz swim

"COTA was a singular constant; an anchor that gave us hope. It was such a relief to be guided by COTA’s caring staff, which effectively removed elephant-grade stress from off our backs.” Read More

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Kidney Transplant Recipient


2016 JANUARY Anna Copley

“COTA has given us tremendous hope for Anna’s future. We know Anna will have ongoing medical expenses throughout her life, and we also know she will likely need another transplant at some point in the future. Anna will always need to take expensive medications. Since COTA funds are available for Anna’s lifetime, we feel confident she can move into adulthood and face whatever medical challenges that come her way.”

Kidney Transplant Recipient

~1461256472~2016 FEBRUARY Mallory Hall

“COTA gave us hope that our daughter would be able to have a fulfilled life after transplant without having to worry about how we would be able to financially care for her. COTA provided many resources that helped our community campaign team exceed our goal and we will forever be grateful.”

Heart Transplant Recipient

~1461256511~2016 MARCH Walker Wade

“Thanks to COTA, the hope for our family’s future looks much brighter because the financial strain from Walker’s medical bills has been taken care of by this amazing organization. We didn’t have to sell a car or move to a different neighborhood in order for our son’s life to be saved. If that’s not giving hope to a family, we can’t think of anything that would.”

Kidney Transplant Recipient

Braylin Soon

“Our time from having a healthy child to a sick child was very quick. Three days after her transplant my husband called saying the bills were piling up back home; I was hopeless as to what to do. That same day our social worker gave us a COTA brochure and told me to make the call because COTA could help. A few days later the COTA campaign website in honor of Braylin was up and contributions were pouring in from all over. It was a relief to not worry about money and instead be able to focus on our daughter’s health. COTA gave us hope when it would have been easy to give up.”

Liver Transplant Recipient

~1461256518~2016 MAY Kenace Hunt

“When you find yourself waging a battle against insurance companies because you are trying to save your daughter’s life, you lose hope. Once we learned about COTA, we started to think everything might be OK. Thinking about your child’s transplant is scary and you worry a lot -- not just about the medical bills but also the time off work, the medications and whether or not she will survive. COTA allowed us to focus on healing and not to worry about the financial woes. COTA took away a lot of stress and gave us hope that Kenace can live a rejection-free life.”

Liver Transplant Recipient

~1461256500~2016 JUNE Rachel Thomas

“Our COTA volunteers’ willingness and excitement to help raise funds for transplant-related expenses gave us a sense of peace, and gave us hope. We knew we had friends who were constantly praying for us and who ‘had our backs’ no matter what would come. On top of that we had no reason to be concerned over financial issues -- even unforeseen complications at some point in the future. COTA has enabled us to focus on Rachel, her health, and the rest of our family.”

Liver Transplant Recipient

~1461256492~2016 JULY Evie Wentz swim

“Facing our daughter’s medical prognosis alone was agonizing, but dealing with so many other uncertainties swirling about was exhausting. Luckily, a caring social worker threw us a lifeline when she mentioned COTA and its mission to lift families like ours out of the financial quagmire that surrounds life-saving medical care. COTA was a singular constant; an anchor that gave us hope. It was such a relief to be guided by COTA’s caring staff, which effectively removed elephant-grade stress from off our backs.”

Kidney Transplant Recipient

~1461256455~2016 AUGUST Miles Bejarano

“Our baby’s need for a new heart was found by pure accident. After hearing the news, we were in shock and just trying to cope. COTA gave us hope by letting us only worry about our son. They assisted us with transplant-related expenses and they were very patient with us since this was all new. The team at COTA helped us to see there was a light at the end of this long tunnel, and let us know that no matter the outcome of the treatment and transplant, COTA was there to help us in any way.”

Heart Transplant Recipient

~1461256565~2016 SEPTEMBER Anna Battista

“COTA gave our entire family hope when we learned Anna needed a double lung transplant. I had to stop working to take care of Anna during her transplant journey, and we had to relocate to another city for Anna to receive her new lungs. As soon as we learned COTA would help with transplant-related expenses, our financial concerns were alleviated and we could solely focus on Anna’s transplant and recovery.”

Double Lung Transplant Recipient

~1461256540~2016 OCTOBER Aris Pettis

“Once I found out that Aris needed a liver transplant, I became very worried about all of the expenses. How was I as a single mother going to be able to pay the medical bills and all of the household bills so we didn’t lose our home? Once we started working with COTA, I instantly felt my first sense of hope. COTA was the initial sign that things were going to be OK. COTA took my mind off bills, expenses and the stress of all of those details and allowed me to focus on Aris’ care. COTA, and our amazing team of volunteers, allowed me to be calm.”

Liver Transplant Recipient

~1461256525~2016 NOVEMBER Madalyn Weimer

COTA was a huge help and support system for us. From the first day we made contact, the COTA team was there for us. They were very caring and supportive, but also a huge help in providing guidance and knowledge about fundraising. COTA made it easy for us to focus on taking care of our child throughout the transplant process instead of worrying about how we were going to pay large medical bills and our day-to-day needs like food and gas. COTA gave us so much hope.

Bone Marrow Transplant Recipient

~2016 DECEMBER Rosalina Vargas

“Rosie’s transplant journey to date would not have been possible without COTA. Her transplant team was on the opposite coast from our home and we had to coordinate how we would list her for transplant, and then live across the country during the transplant and recovery. We had lost wages and living expenses to cover, in addition to all of the medical costs. COTA helped us see the love that surrounded us during a very dark time. COTA continues to give us so much hope.”

Liver Transplant Recipient / Candidate

Did You Know?

  • The Children's Organ Transplant Association does not charge for its services. 100% of funds raised in honor of patients are available for transplant-related expenses.
  • COTA funds are available for a patient's lifetime for almost any transplant-related expense.