"The team at COTA helped us to see there was a light at the end of this long tunnel, and let us know that no matter the outcome of the treatment and transplant, COTA was there to help us in any way.” Read More

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Heart Transplant Recipient

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“Once I found out that Aris needed a liver transplant, I became very worried about all of the expenses. How was I as a single mother going to be able to pay the medical bills and all of the household bills so we didn’t lose our home? Once we started working with COTA, I instantly felt my first sense of hope. COTA was the initial sign that things were going to be OK. COTA took my mind off bills, expenses and the stress of all of those details and allowed me to focus on Aris’ care. COTA, and our amazing team of volunteers, allowed me to be calm.”

Liver Transplant Recipient

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