~1461256492~2016 JULY Evie Wentz swim

"COTA was a singular constant; an anchor that gave us hope. It was such a relief to be guided by COTA’s caring staff, which effectively removed elephant-grade stress from off our backs.” Read More

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Kidney Transplant Recipient

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~1461256500~2016 JUNE Rachel Thomas

“Our COTA volunteers’ willingness and excitement to help raise funds for transplant-related expenses gave us a sense of peace, and gave us hope. We knew we had friends who were constantly praying for us and who ‘had our backs’ no matter what would come. On top of that we had no reason to be concerned over financial issues — even unforeseen complications at some point in the future. COTA has enabled us to focus on Rachel, her health, and the rest of our family.”

Liver Transplant Recipient

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