2016 AUGUST Miles Bejarano

"The team at COTA helped us to see there was a light at the end of this long tunnel, and let us know that no matter the outcome of the treatment and transplant, COTA was there to help us in any way.” Read More

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Heart Transplant Recipient

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~2016 DECEMBER Rosalina Vargas

“Rosie’s transplant journey to date would not have been possible without COTA. Her transplant team was on the opposite coast from our home and we had to coordinate how we would list her for transplant, and then live across the country during the transplant and recovery. We had lost wages and living expenses to cover, in addition to all of the medical costs. COTA helped us see the love that surrounded us during a very dark time. COTA continues to give us so much hope.”

Liver Transplant Recipient / Candidate

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