“I am so thankful that COTA gave me hope when all hope seemed to be gone.”


Thank you for accepting a leadership role in a COTA fundraising campaign. Your community will be looking to you for information about fundraising guidelines and options.

The COTA staff is available to help you through every step of the campaign. You have already received an orientation, training and preliminary materials. Now, you can access COTA’s online campaign resources as well.

The pages in this section are password-protected. If you do not have a Password, contact your Community Coordinator.

Remember, the COTA team is available via phone or email to offer advice and support.   Send an email to or click on gro.a1444407026toc@o1444407026fnIng1444407026iapma1444407026C1444407026 to email your question or request to COTA.

Together we can give hope and make a miracle to a family in need!

Volunteer Training and Support Program

With nearly three decades of experience, the Children's Organ Transplant Association has the expertise to help volunteers be successful. COTA provides ongoing support to community campaign volunteers and patient families.