The adventure continues...

If there is one thing we have learned through the adventures of Abel it is that everything can change in an instant. 

Early Thursday morning Abel's arm started twitching while I was holding him. It was only the slightest bit but noticeable enough and very concerning to a mom of a heart hero. Abel was having seizures. Before I knew it there was a team of nurses and doctors at the bedside trying to maintain his oxygen levels and pushing medication to stop the seizures. He was rushed down for an emergency MRI and we were told we would be heading back to intensive care. The scans clearly showed that Abel had had a stroke in the parietal and occipital lobes. Fortunately, in babies, the brain can recover a lot more quickly from a stroke. That stood true in Abel's case and he bounced back immediately. The doctors are amazed yet again by Abel's resilience. We were told that his right side and speech could have been compromised but he was able to move all of his extremities and seemed stronger and feistier than ever. 
It has been a long few days to say the least. Abel has since been sedated and it's hard to hear him try to cry and not be able to wail. His brain needs to rest and recover and we are certain he will be back to himself in no time. 
In the midst of all the madness we finally got the call from insurance that his transplant has been approved. Because of the complications of this event, and the risks it could bring, the neurologist would like to wait until this Thursday, April 20th to list. 
As we were welcomed back to the heart floor yesterday afternoon, we were elated to find a drawing of a falcon hanging above Abel's crib. Children's is full of art work completed by their patients and proudly hung in every hallway and room. For us to move into the Falcon room was a sure sign that this is where we are supposed to be. This is where we will get the news that his new whole heart is on its way.


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