Transplant it is...

After sixteen days in the hospital, we finally have a plan. The doctors have been going back and forth on how to approach Abel's failing heart. When we first heard the words "heart failure" and "transplant" we were completely shocked. Abel looks great! So incredibly happy and deceivingly healthy.  

Since we started the intense transplant process last week, we have had non stop meetings and poor Abel has been poked and prodded more times than anyone should be in a lifetime. He is such an amazing little trooper and true warrior. He deserves a new heart...A WHOLE HEART!!! 
We are currently waiting on insurance approval for the transplant and then we can be listed. Abel will be #1 on the list here at Children's with a 1A status. Being centrally located can also help us receive a heart more quickly. It could be days or months, there is no telling. All we can do is wait...and pray...and be thankful for everyday.  
We want to thank all of you for your continued thoughts and prayers. All of the calls, text, cards, gifts, food, and donations remind us daily of how truly blessed we are. I can not go without mentioning our family's constant support and presence. That is what has helped us keep it all together. 
All our love,
Abel, Jason, Kaya, Wendy, Ammo and Ace


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