Pediatric doctor visit

It certainly seems to get harder before it gets easier doesn’t it? Yesterday Addi was diagnosed with pneumonia. They started her on antibiotics. They swabbed her for a large panel of viruses as well. If results show she is fighting a virus, her transplant will be postponed. If it’s just the bacterial pneumonia, the antibiotics should take care of it and the transplant will continue as scheduled...please pray for our baby. She has been miserable for days. Her blood clotting time is very high, her bloody noses, gum and lip have returned. Her spleen can now be felt below her ribs and is causing her pain. She now also has a significant heart murmur as well. Please pray she tests negative for any viruses and we are able to continue with the transplant as scheduled. It’s scary how fast everything is changing. The last thing we want is for her to be hospitalized while she waits for her new liver.


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