Northwest kidney kids camp 2018

This year was our first year we attended Northwest Kidney Kids Camp and let me tell you we have been missing out! Alejandro has met very few who goes through what he goes through and this was such an amazing experience. He spent the week at youth Continue Reading »

Update on Alejandro

Currently Alejandro is at a stand still in the transplant process. Once he entered transplant levels he stabled at that level. We expected things to go at a steady pace but nope my little fighter is not ready. We are currently at 27% kidney function Continue Reading »

First Cross Country Run

One thing about Alejandro that has changed a little is he gets tired easier than he did before. Example being running the mile he used to get done faster than he does now and at first he would get frustrated within himself not understanding why. He Continue Reading »

49ers vs Saints game

I had seen an ad on Facebook for a local radio station to text to win tickets to a niners-cowboys game, I entered to win. They called to tell me I didn't win but had heard my son's story and how he is a huge niners fan and wanted to do something Continue Reading »

Media Coverage

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It's that time of year

Unfortunately when the weather changes here comes the cold and flu season. Alejandro got the respitory bug going around. Little colds on him turn into worse things. He has a fever, bronchitis and the achey body. Resting, snuggles and chicken noodle Continue Reading »

Time for some flag football

Alejandro has his good days and his bad days. He doesn't let what he goes through stop him and tries to keep up with all his friends. He doesn't understand why some things are getting more difficult. He won't stop his sports. This is the first year Continue Reading »

Meet Alejandro

Alejandro was born into stage 4 kidney disease. It all began when I was 19 weeks pregnant we went in for our routine ultrasound. His kidneys were small and full with urine. They determined he had kidney reflux (where the urine was back flowing into Continue Reading »

How You Can Help

If you could help make a miracle, would you?

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