First Cross Country Run

One thing about Alejandro that has changed a little is he gets tired easier than he did before. Example being running the mile he used to get done faster than he does now and at first he would get frustrated within himself not understanding why. He came to me and said he wanted to run the mile and the 3k in the cross country meet. He and said he was talking to some friends and they had told him they didn't think he should participate because he gets tired easy. That made Alejandro want to participate even more. He wanted to set a personal goal, he didn't care what time he finished in he want to run both runs the entire time. He succeeded his goals!! He finished the mile is 8.42 and the 3k 20.20 I am beyond proud of him!! He is my hero and motivation. his strive and perserverance is something I've never seen! He doesn't let anything stop him as flag football season just ended he is starting basketball season. He said he will play sports till the day of his transplant!


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