Meet Alejandro

Alejandro was born into stage 4 kidney disease. It all began when I was 19 weeks pregnant we went in for our routine ultrasound. His kidneys were small and full with urine. They determined he had kidney reflux (where the urine was back flowing into his kidneys). We monitored his kidneys through ultra sound for the next 19 weeks and when he was born his kidneys were pretty much all scar tissue. Eventually the reflux had fixed itself but his kidneys were damaged and we had determined since the day he was born he would eventually have a transplant. Alejandro has been stable his whole life just a matter of when and the drs predicted pre puberty it will all began once his body would go through change that his kidneys wouldn't handle it. One thing that happens when you have bad kidneys is you don't grow. So we knew he would need to start a growth hormone once he stopped growing. But had to wait until it was time because increasing his body mass will over work his kidneys and break them down more. Well he didn't grown for a few years so it was time to start. He has been on the growth hormone a year now (started last September) and we were referred to transplant in May. The time to began the next process is here as he is growing how he should be. The doctors decided a few weeks ago we are going to wait a little longer to be placed on the Oregon organ waiting list. His kidney function is at 24% and they want it at 20%. We have began testing for live donors. Got to get a lil worse before it gets better :( we are as ready as we will ever be! He is so excited to have his energy back!! Follow us on our journey to Alejandro's transplant! Thank you!


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