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I am Alexis Stansbury, I am 31 years old and am active on the double lung transplant list at the University of Minnesota, Fairview. I have a disease called Cystic Fibrosis. One that isn’t heard of often, but is one very serious genetic disease. CF affects many vital organs in my body: my lungs, stomach, kidneys, and pancreas, and more continue to be affected as I get older. My lungs have been affected the most.  CF affects the cells that produce mucus, which means I have problems digesting food and produce thick mucus in the lungs that is very difficult to expel. Instead of acting like a lubricant, the secretion plugs up tubes, ducts and passageways especially in the lungs and pancreas. Not only are the lungs affected, so is the stomach and pancreas. In order to digest my food I take 6 pills, called “enzymes” that help digest my food. Due to poor absorption of fatty vitamins, I suffer from poor weight gain, vitamin deficiencies, and diabetes. Now as of January 16th, 2016...



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Whirlwind! Phew!!

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Up's and Down's

The best way to describe my health as of lately is up and down. One day I'm feeling awesome and have no problems breathing and then the next I'm weak and tired and can barely breathe or move. This week has especially been that way, but as the week Continue Reading »

Fighting the good fight!

Hi all! It's my favorite time of year, its nice and warm outside, BBQing and all the amazing food and family fun times make me the happiest lady ever! Looking forward to the 4th and the huge BBQ party my amazing parents, Alan and Charyl Mansfield Continue Reading »

My Journey

Welcome to my page! COTA is an amazing organization and have already shown so much love! Jordan, my husband and I, are having a rough time paying for all of my medications, most of the important ones are Specialty and very expensive, and COTA Continue Reading »