Fighting the good fight!

Hi all! It's my favorite time of year, its nice and warm outside, BBQing and all the amazing food and family fun times make me the happiest lady ever! Looking forward to the 4th and the huge BBQ party my amazing parents, Alan and Charyl Mansfield throw every year!!

Lately I have spent many hours on the phone trying to get my life sustaining meds and fighting with Express Scripts to get them to send my meds. All they care about is when they will get their money, and even after COTA helped me out and made a large payment to them, they still fought me! After a full day on the phone, 6 people, and 3 different drug companies later, I finally made some head way! Phew.

My health is slowly getting better though! I'm finally gaining a little weight after having the Norovirus strike the Stansbury household! For a month or so there I was struggling, I was very weak and unable to move much at all. I think getting my head in a better place and allowing myself to have bad days is really helping my physical health now too. Its not all peaches and rainbows, but I am fighting and making the best of it all!


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