Whirlwind! Phew!!

Hello, everyone!

It has been such a crazy ride the past few months. Sorry it took so long for me to update the site. In the past month we have packed up the Fam and moved north to be closer to my transplant hospital, University of Minnesota, Fairview. We also moved to be closer to my family-in-law. We have been staying with Jordan's Grandpa, Jim, until we move into our new place closer to Duluth, MN, which is where Jordan will be working starting Monday!! The move went well, still a tad chaotic, but we have lots of family, Lori, Tyler, ad Jim, to name a few really going above and beyond helping us out with this whole transition up North.

On top of that chaos, I also have been very sick and coughing up blood and am currently in the hospital. I got a nasty cold and then could not stop coughing up blood in the process and had a procedure done yesterday to clot it off, called an embolism. The blood was happening because the nasty cold I got turned into pnemonia.That all took me down a peg, but I am fighting and am working really hard to get better! Took one step back in order to take a few step forward! I am doing just fine though and will be getting a port on Monday, which I am actually very excited about! It will make these hospital stays I need to stay healthy so much easier!

We are all super excited to be up here and get settled in and try to enjoy fall and winter! Thank you to all who have been pulling, rooting and praying for me. You guys keep me going and I wouldn't trade that for the world, you are appreciated and loved very dearly.


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