The Daily Grind Post-Transplant

Life continues to just be so daily, as the saying goes...  For the most part we live, work and play like everyone else.  Medications are taken at specific times of the day and we are still trying to avoid being around germs and ever conscious of Continue Reading »

Christmas at Home and Normal Life

There's really nothing new to report, but I thought I would at least let you know that Allison is doing just fine!  We spent Christmas at home, since it is challenging to travel and hang around family groups without exchanging germs.  We felt a Continue Reading »

Home for the Holidays

Once again... I'm delinquent in keeping this updated...  Ever so sorry!  Allison had an upper endoscopy done while we were at Children's on November 2-4, in an attempt to remove the stent, but it was unsuccessful for several reasons.  Dr. Kramer, Continue Reading »

MRCP (MRI Under Anesthesia)

It's been quite a day over here!  Alli had to be NPO since midnight, of course, since her MRCP needed to be done under anesthesia.  Bigger kids can cooperate with the needs to hold breath, etc. but the younger ones they sedate so they can control Continue Reading »

Not Yet

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Rejection Episode

We live 1 day at a time and remain flexible. Our coordinator called me Thursday morning and said labs from Wednesday showed elevated LFTs and they would like us to bring Alli to Children's for an ultrasound and liver biopsy as soon as possible.  Continue Reading »

Home - 1 Month Post Transplant

Home is the very best place to be!  Allison had an appointment with Dr. Feldman on Thursday instead of waiting till Monday because I was afraid she had thrush.  Her labs looked great, white count was slowly coming down, and if she had thrush it Continue Reading »

Relaxing for a Day

One more day at home... Feels like we just hold our breath and hope we don't get a call saying Alli has to readmitted. We ran up to the hospital for labs this morning so waiting to hear results from those sometime today. Alli seems to feel great at Continue Reading »

Home Again

Well, we got to take Alli home again. Her liver numbers look better than ever so they said she may have an infection brewing and since we are doing labs every little bit we see it in her white count before she really has any symptoms. Or it could be Continue Reading »

Still No Answers

Alli's white counts are up again today ;( Our hearts sank at that information... So wr are waiting on the doctors to come back and talk to us about what to do...stay in the hospital, do a CT scan, or ???

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Looking Up Again

Allison's labs looked much better this morning!  White count down to 20.  Her LFTs (Liver FunctionTests) had risen last evening so they were confident we were looking at rejection.  With the dose of steroids she got last night her numbers came Continue Reading »

Just Hanging Out at the Hospital

IV placement went pretty seamlessly last night. It still wasn't fun but at least only one poke was needed. They have been treating it with TLC and it lasted through the night and they were even able to draw labs from it this morning. They think if Continue Reading »


Allison is back in the hospital, with suspected rejection. We are waiting on ultrasound orders before she can eat dinner, and then they will try for  IV access so they can start her on a 3 day round of steroids and hope that takes care of it.

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News Articles

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Post Transplant Day 11

Sorry it's been so long since I posted anything!  It was a real challenge while we were in the hospital to keep up with the blog.  So much happening all the time, nurses and doctors coming and going, ultrasounds, X-rays, dressing changes, drain Continue Reading »

From Our Lovely Donor...

Hey everyone! I get drift that some of you would like to hear from me. So far I haven't "felt" like it and I'm not sure I do now. Today has been the best day so far. They took my drain line out and that meant that I could SHOWER!!! It was lovely. Continue Reading »

Post Transplant Day 3

It's a good day... Allison has been up and more interested in things so it has been a fun day.  The team was happy with how she looked this morning and gave her permission to eat!  She wasn't so interested this morning since things were pretty Continue Reading »

Goodbye PICU

We are out of PICU and in room 625.... It's been a big day, getting ready to move, so she is sleeping.

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Back to the OR and Doing Much Better

Allison ended up having to go back into the OR last night. She did pretty well in the morning and the team was very happy with how she looked but by noon they weren't quite so sure.  I had run over to see how Tam was doing and when I got back the Continue Reading »

Night 1 in PICU

Surgery was finished around 6:30 last night and we got to go back and see Allison about an hour later. She looked so good...her color was already so much clearer than it had been amd her little tummy was skinny!! We can see now how skinny she really Continue Reading »

Surgery In Progress

Allison is in surgery. They started around 10 and at noon they called and said they had the donor liver in the OR with Alli and were ready to get her old liver out and put in the new. Tam is in the process of being closed up and moved into ICU. Alli Continue Reading »


We are getting ready for the day... The nurses say they'll come get Alli around 7-7:30 and we can go down to pre-op. Thank you all for your prayers! We had a reasonable night, labs went well last night, all things considered, and we are facing THE Continue Reading »


We are at the hospital... Alli is admitted to room 645 on the surgery floor until tomorrow morning. We are currently hanging out in the waiting area until the flight team gets here to pull labs. They called them in order to get the best of the best Continue Reading »


We are packing and getting ready... Alli is enjoying her day at the house, just having a low key day.  Definitely a little anxiety trying to set in for her parents, but it's okay so far. Just seems to be sinking in that this is for real. Alli is to Continue Reading »

Gearing Up for the Big Day

We are in Denver... Moved up here yesterday. It was a little sad to say goodbye to our dear home in the country, and the dog and cats who are part of our family but didn't come along with us due to technical difficulties relating to their comfort Continue Reading »

Many Thanks

The fundraiser last night was amazing.  A huge thank you to the Olathe community for putting yourselves out like that...the donations of meat from the grocery store for Chelsey to make the tamales (she made 190 and they were gone within 45 minutes Continue Reading »

Weather Changes

Life can sail along quite predictably and the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the clouds that come along once in a while never really blot out the sun and they pass quickly and life is good... You've known the rains would come but you've been Continue Reading »

Counting the Days

Allison is hanging in there...counting the days until transplant - July 30!  I think Tam is counting the days, too, in a different way!  Lol.  Bless her heart! 

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Relaxing for a DAy

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