Better and Better

Allison had another clinic appointment this morning and everything looks great.  If her lab results come back looking good they said we can plan to go HOME home next week after her appointment on Monday!!  We are delighted with that idea!  Alli has been saying she is ready to see "her dog and cats."  Now that her appointments are getting spaced farther apart it gets a little long living here in an apartment, with Austin going home for several days at a time.  Dr. Feldman said she doesn't need to see Allison after next Monday until her 3 month anniversary, then again at 6, 9 and 12 months.  We can do labs in Montrose (with just a finger stick!) each month as they request them.  And they are ready to start weaning her off of the prednisolone, which is just fine with us!  So, all in all, things are looking better and better all the time... We have grateful hearts...


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