From Our Lovely Donor...

Hey everyone! I get drift that some of you would like to hear from me. So far I haven't "felt" like it and I'm not sure I do now. Today has been the best day so far. They took my drain line out and that meant that I could SHOWER!!! It was lovely. Yesterday they took my pic line out so that was another milestone. So basically what I have on now is an IV port on my arm, which they haven't used for a while and a few things to monitor the basic stuff. Yesterday and today I've felt really tight from my stomach to my shoulders because I've had a hard time getting rid of the gas they put in me at surgery, but we've been working on it and it's much, much better.. I'm actually only on two pain meds right now, and the plan is to go home, or anyways get out of the hospital tomorrow. I could have today but didn't feel quite up to it. I don't actually mind being here so much cuz it's all set up for sick people so life is probably as easy here as anywheres, since i can't go home home. But I really wanna go see dear lil Alli!!! 
My biggest problem right now is that I don't have any appetite. Believe it or not, steak, or bacon for that matter, don't sound good either. ;) I was sitting here trying to make myself hungry and decided to do this instead. ;) So anyways, life overall is improving every day!!! :)
Thanks for all the many prayers and well wishes sent this way! 



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