Just Hanging Out at the Hospital

IV placement went pretty seamlessly last night. It still wasn't fun but at least only one poke was needed. They have been treating it with TLC and it lasted through the night and they were even able to draw labs from it this morning. They think if they take it V-E-R-Y slowly with the saline flushes and the meds they will be able to keep it. So we are praying! They ran the steroids over an hour last night instead of the usual 30 minutes. She hadn't eaten anything to speak of since lunch so she was pretty hungry by the time the ultrasound was finished and IV placed. By that time room service was closed for the day and the cafeteria had only night lunch items (no rice, of all things!) So she had oatmeal! It seemed to fill the bill. :)  They plan to give her the steroids once a day so our days could be rather long and boring until we are out of here.


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