Many Thanks

The fundraiser last night was amazing.  A huge thank you to the Olathe community for putting yourselves out like that...the donations of meat from the grocery store for Chelsey to make the tamales (she made 190 and they were gone within 45 minutes of start time.)  Pepsi Co. donated the drinks and sent the left-overs home with us - several cases of bottled water, several 12 packs of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Root Beer... 

Many thanks, especially, to Alex and Chelsey Corona for taking on this job for COTA and to their team of volunteers who worked hard to make it happen!  Josh and Mary, Michael and Brandi, Dorothy, Krystal, Jeff and Tammy Bachman... You are all special to us!  Thanks for all your hard work! And all the dear people who came and bought tamales, hot dogs, nachos, snow cones, cookies, zucchini bread... Our hearts are full when we think of the evening - people coming and going because they care about Allison and our family.  We hated it that we missed the people who came before we got there...  And to those who have donated to COTA on this site - THANK YOU!  It means a lot!  And we love it if you sign your name so we can see who to thank :) We are grateful for so many friends and someday we hope we can return the favor if/when you need it!

Only 6 days left at home before we move to the city to prepare for transplant... I get a little melancholy when I think about it, but we are ready to move ahead...except that I try not to think of that 8-12 hour surgery yet!  Only 10 days until transplant...9 days until hospital admittance for Alli...

Allison's new liver has already left home and is making a trip around the country (at least the central and northwest part of it) for a week or 2 before the drama hits.  It won't see the lands of home (Pecos, TX) for a long time... ;)


  • JaLynne

    ???? just hearting your blog???? looking forward to seeing you all in a week and a half!

  • Laura

    Hoping and praying all goes well... wishing you courage to ‘live a day at a time’!

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