Night 1 in PICU

Surgery was finished around 6:30 last night and we got to go back and see Allison about an hour later. She looked so good...her color was already so much clearer than it had been amd her little tummy was skinny!! We can see now how skinny she really was without that big swollen liver in there. The night was pretty good... She started waking up a little more by early morning and asking for more pain meds. The nurse has done super with staying on top of it for her. She has been begging for "cold water" so I've been swabbing her mouth with a little sponge dipped in ice water. She isn't supposed to eat or drink until clearance from the transplant team. They round at 8 this morning and since Alli did so well during the night the nurse is hopeful they'll allow her to have some clears or at least ice chips. 


  • Abe & Louise Ensz

    Praise the Lord! The report sounds great.

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