Post Transplant Day 11

Sorry it's been so long since I posted anything!  It was a real challenge while we were in the hospital to keep up with the blog.  So much happening all the time, nurses and doctors coming and going, ultrasounds, X-rays, dressing changes, drain empties, labs, and somehow we had to squeeze in lunch and dinner and showers and sleep!  It was exhausting, to say the least!  But, the best part of all is that we are OUT of the hospital as of 2:00 yesterday afternoon and Alli is doing awesome, except for her white count, which seems to be trending upward and causing a ruckus.  After PICU, "the floor" felt like a vacation, but all too soon that feeling wore off and we longed for MORE freedom (typical.)  I sort of felt like the longer we stayed the shorter our patience got and the less tolerant we became with new nurses. (I'm sorry, nursing staff!  It really was just a personal issue.)  We dealt with some pretty serious anxiety issues with Allison, as it related to strangers and especially with the rotation of nurses.  She would have one nurse for a couple days and then that nurse would be assigned to a different patient and it felt like Alli had one adjustment after another.  Thankfully, we had a night nurse who was able to stay on for 4 nights in a row and we LOVED her!  Bethany (night nurse) won Alli over to the point where she would at least talk to her and respond and even smile at her.  Meghan (day nurse) tried for 3 days and cheered when Alli's first response was a smile and an enthusiastic "yes" after being asked if she was running away from her. Lol. We had a real roller coaster over the weekend, with Alli running a fever for an hour on Saturday (Day 6 post-transplant) so there was a frenzy of excitement for awhile there - labs, ultrasound, x-ray...then WAIT for results.  All looked okay, other than white count was up to 8 so started her on IV antibiotics.  Sunday morning labs showed counts up to 10, Monday up to 14, Tuesday up to 20, and we began to feel a little downhearted.  Yesterday they were up to 25, but they decided to let us go "home" anyway, since everything else looked fine and there really was no more to be done in the hospital than what we could do at home, until they had answers as to what was going on.  So we are enjoying our day at the house!  A lovely break... Tomorrow we go for labs again, and if things are not looking better, she will probably be readmitted.  Pray with us that all will be okay!  She does NOT want to go back, and neither do we, but we do want what is best for her.  Children's is a great place to be if you need it - we got exceptional care!

Grand Junction aired her story the other day and Montrose Daily Press had it this morning.  I'll try to post the links in another post.


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