Post Transplant Day 3

It's a good day... Allison has been up and more interested in things so it has been a fun day.  The team was happy with how she looked this morning and gave her permission to eat!  She wasn't so interested this morning since things were pretty busy.  She needed to take a trip down to radiology for an ultrasound - they do that every day for 5 days after transplant to make sure everything is flowing like it needs to in the liver.  After the move from PICU last night we opted to get her out of bed and into a wagon to avoid making her feel like she was heading to the OR again.  It worked!  (The oxycodone she got just before we left didn't hurt any, either, as far as getting her to relax goes.)  She was very calm on the way down to radiology and once we got her transferred, on top of her pillows, to their table, she went to sleep and it was nice and quiet the whole time!  She woke up when we moved her back into the wagon and we went outside for a few minutes.  That was refreshing and she seemed to perk up a little.  After that she was exhausted and ready for a good nap.  When she woke up she needed the restroom and refused to go in her diaper so we tackeled the marathon of getting tubes and lines in order and making a trip to the bathroom.  It was quite a process!  But the next time she needed to go, she wanted the same treatment, so...  It's good, because it gets her up.  She had to stand, and even took a couple steps!  This afternoon she wanted rice (imagine that!)  So she got to eat!  Rice, milk, cold cereal...whatever suits her fancy for now!  When her tummy was full of real food, she wanted another wagon ride, so went back out for a short little trip around before coming back in for another nap.  It's amazing what a little "exercise" and sunshine and even just getting up and looking around will do for a person!  When the team rounded this morning I heard Dr. Wachs say, "If she's getting out of here Monday..." Today the pharmacist and nutritionist came in to make sure we understood what she will need when we leave and the drugs are ordered for going home.  So it's possible!  But this is only Thursday...and a lot can happen between now and then.  We will keep our minds open...


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