Relaxing for a Day

One more day at home... Feels like we just hold our breath and hope we don't get a call saying Alli has to readmitted. We ran up to the hospital for labs this morning so waiting to hear results from those sometime today. Alli seems to feel great at home...a little tired yet but that is to be expected after a major surgery and the trauma she's experienced. Wish you all could see her! The difference is amazing...the whites of her eyes are WHITE now (her bili is normal-1.2, last blood draw!) Her skin is beautiful (she was beautiful before but now... Oh my...) Her belly is not so tight, the bruises from surgery are clearing up, the steri strips are coming off and her scar looks beautiful - just a pencil line! (She asks a lot questions at shower time, when it's just "Alli and me"... Why do I have this [scar]? Who did this to me? Why did they do it? How did they get my old liver out? Tam's liver makes me feel better. My tummy feels better now! All these questions are soberly, but calmly asked and the answer always brings a smile to her face. I think she kind of knows, but she likes the quiet time alone with me to talk about it. And I love that time with her.)  Her spleen is still somewhat enlarged which makes her belly swollen, but they told us it should continue to go down in a few weeks. The steroids make her face and tummy quite round also, but that will get better after a while-it's still not nearly as hard amd round as it was. She really feels so much better...she doesn't have tummyaches like before, she definitely has more energy; even if she is tired some now, its still better than before! And for those who know what other side effects liver disease has...the waste looks NORMAL again! We marvel daily...and never get tired of looking into her eyes and seeing them clear!

Just a note on the COTA site... We are most grateful for the contributions that are being made...more than words can say. We have needed those funds and COTA has been super to work with, even booking the tickets for my mom to fly out here to help care for Tam and them to help me while Austin is gone. (He left yesterday morning for a few days at home.) The COTA website will not show you the balance that is in the account, only the total amount of funds raised, just FYI ;) we have to call them for the balance. Another thing...our dear friend and fund raiser coordinator will sometimes be posting things on there so you will see things from time to time about fund raisers or whatever else she wants to put on there :) there's a fund raiser coming up at Delta Pizza Hut on Aug 22, I believe... I wish we knew how to say thank you! I hope someday we can do as much for someone else who needs it...


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