The Daily Grind Post-Transplant

Life continues to just be so daily, as the saying goes...  For the most part we live, work and play like everyone else.  Medications are taken at specific times of the day and we are still trying to avoid being around germs and ever conscious of food safety, but otherwise life is very normal!  (Isn't it amazing how we can adjust to a new normal and it truly feels NORMAL?!) The doctors have been checking Allison's labs every 2-3 weeks now, so it's nice to have a bit of a break from the every week routine.  Lately they haven't been just wonderfully stable, so that creates a bit of uneasiness in us.  At her January 28 appointment her GGT was 85, AST and ALT were 120 and 71, respectively.  Her Tacro was a little on the high side but given her slightly elevated LFTs they felt best to leave her Tacro dose alone, just in case she was fighting the liver a little.  Instructions were to repeat labs in 2-3 weeks to see if they were coming down.  They had actually dropped slightly on the February 11 lab draw - GGT was down to 72, AST and ALT were down to 42 and 49 - so we were hopeful.  But this week's labs (on Thursday) sort of dashed our hopes on everything being wonderful...GGT was up to 141, AST/ALT were 47 and 72. :(  The plan for now is to wait until the Tacro results are in on Monday and if it's low they will adjust her dose, in hopes that it will fight off rejection.  If her Tacro is within the range they want to see, they may just wait and recheck labs again in a week or two to see if her LFTs are still rising.  If they are we know where we are headed - back to Children's for several days.  But for now, we wait...  She really appears to be doing quite fine, the picture of health, as some people say.  She is living a normal life, happy and energetic as most 4 year olds.  We spent the weekend at Gulf Shores, AL, and she fell in love with the beach, as well as the girls in her life - her aunt, her little cousin, her granny and my grandma.  We had a lovely girls weekend together, and it was so awesome to see Alli enjoying life and playing outside!

Keep praying for us....the battle is daily...the fears (that's not exactly the right word...concern?  wondering?  I don't know - that background noise that never shuts off) while not always in the forefront, are ever present...nothing is ever taken for illness, no abnormal detail goes unscrutinized, no assumptions that "it's just something she ate..."  


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