Anna Update: "A Special Birthday"

Anna Update - Day +538 Post-Transplant

Today is Anna’s 9th birthday.  She has received many gifts but the most significant is her continued progress towards health and normalcy.  That progress has been nothing but positive for the past several months.  She is looking terrific and feeling really good.  It’s easy to see how far she’s come in seven months by simply looking at the pictures above.

Her immune system is growing, and perhaps most importantly, her b-cells are coming in strong which is a significant milestone in the recovery from a bone marrow transplant and some of the complications Anna has had.  With our fingers crossed, it’s our hope that Anna will return to school for the last couple months of the school year, at least on a part-time basis.  Her doctors have said it’s a very realistic possibility.  

This past weekend Anna had her first slumber party with Emma, Abbie and Annemarie, who have been such dear friends to her throughout this journey.  The birthday sleepover was Paris themed and the party was magnifique! 

So today on her birthday we have much to be thankful for.  We’re celebrating her birthday, but also, light at the end of a very long tunnel.  We are so grateful for everyone’s love, support and kindness.

Happy birthday to our fighter.  You have taught us so much about how to appreciate life on a daily basis.

The DeLaneys


  • tayboland

    Happy Birthday Anna!! This is such good news to hear! She looks like a whole new woman this year. You are all so strong. xoxox Rene and Taylor

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