Anna Update: Something(s) To Look Forward To

October 12: Day +55 Post Transplant

We are slowly getting accustomed to our new routines at home.  It’s not exciting, but it does carry a sense of normalcy, or at least a new normal.  To be sure, we better appreciate simple things that we had previously taken for granted.  When you’re unable to schedule things like outings, activities or date nights, you’re forced to stop worrying about how to fit it all in.  I’m sure there will come a time when we yearn for these things, but not yet. For now, we’ll take having all four of us under the same roof.

Some things are tough. Anna is supposed to be drinking three “nutrient” drinks every day. She barely gets one down. You’ve seen them – Boost or Ensure-type drinks to ensure she’s getting the nutrients she needs. I’m not gonna lie – most days it feels like I’m begging her to drink some of them, or take her pills, ALL. DAY. LONG. And that is exhausting and frustrating.

And yet, we are looking forward to some things on the horizon. The girls are excited for Halloween and, even though Anna is unlikely going to be able to go trick or treating, she is dressing up as Evie and Margaret is dressing up as Mal – both from the Disney movie “The Descendants.” Tim’s brother, Uncle Mike, is moving to Arizona and we couldn’t be more excited to have him close by!

Visits from her best buddies, Emma and Abbie, have helped boost Anna's spirits and combat the monotony of being couped up.




As always, we are so touched by the support we’ve seen and felt over the last several weeks. Special thanks to:

Brian, Carrie, Sophia and Katy Fox for the Family Fun Run they hosted to support #allinforanna – and all our DC-area friends who came out to support it! 


Elissa Scannell and Sean Noble, who hosted a Bar Method “Super Hero” themed class in support of Anna!





The Arizona Cardinals, Aubrie York and the team at Be The Match team and volunteers – for raising an amazing $116,000 for the 50/50 raffle at the AZ Cardinals-LA Rams game!




The Morton Family – Jeff and Marie are some of Tim’s oldest and dearest friends and their kids – Maddy, Danny, Maeve and John – have been incredible with their support all the way from New Jersey. Their latest, a bake sale to support #allinforanna 


Many parents and teachers at Anna's former (and Margaret's current) preschool, Bridges, put together a gift to help out with meals.  I’m sure there are so many others we could name, but know that we appreciate it so much!

Anna is strong, and stong-willed, but she is doing very well overall.  Her cell counts are progressing and the doctors are pleased.  She is still having quite a bit of nausea but the intense pain has gone.  Please keep your prayers and thoughts going for her to get better each and every day.



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