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Sunday, August 14 (minus-3 days to transplant)

Not much to update as far as Anna's condition.  She had a very good day yesterday but extremely tired this morning.  Docs tell us her labs are where they're supposed to be at this point.  I'll likely be explaining how the actual transplant works tomorrow or Tuesday.

Below is a message from my cousin Deborah, who along with my aunt Corinne, organized a special event back in PA to honor Anna.

In honor of the amazing Anna, our town of Media, Pennsylvania came together for a Be the Match Bone Marrow Drive this past week. The drive was held during Media's Dining Under the Stars-a town event which occurs every Wednesday night during the summer.

Heather and Drew Arata, owners of one of our local retail shops, Earth & State, graciously offered to host the donor drive after reading Anna's story on the All in for Anna Facebook page. Anna is the great niece and cousin of our family here in Media and we wanted to do anything we could to help Anna and people like her who are faced with the dire need for finding a donor match.

Betty, the lovely local representative from Be the Match, joined us on this hot August night,  and we registered many donors on the spot while also providing education and flyers for others to register online.

It was an uplifting experience and we hope that others will consider hosting their own event or becoming a donor themselves. 

We think of brave Anna every day and we hope that she and her family feel the love of community and family near and far. None of us should have to go through life without a strong support network. Anna is inspiring others and bringing out the best in people. We are aware that the healing journey will be long and difficult at times, but we also are confident that her strong spirit will prevail and a healthy and happy future awaits her. 

Anna- You inspire us & we love you so much!

Aunt Corinne, Aunt Deb, & Dillon

Thank you so much to our family and their community who helped put this together.  I think Deb hit it on the head when she wrote, "Anna is inspiring others and bringing out the best in people."  We couldn't agree more.  We've heard from so many of you... old friends and new, near and far, some we've never met.  We feel it and Anna does too.  Thank you!
Tim & Melissa


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