Just An 'Ornery' Day: Six Days to Transplant

Thursday, August 10

Today was a rough one for Anna.  Not so much physically, but mentally.  Yesterday was the opposite, as she felt dizzy and shivered for a six-hour dose of chemo but maintained her upbeat personality.  The physical effects were not nearly as bad today, but Anna was, quite frankly, a pissed off seven year old!  The nurses assured me that the steroid Anna must take can make a child (or anyone) moody.  She was angry about her nose tube, angry she had to take a shower, and angry that she was hungry but didn't like the way it felt to swallow with the tube.  She shot me some looks that I'll remember forever, but you know what?  Good for her.  She's a strong girl and I'm glad, because some day she'll shoot that same look at a boy who doesn't respect her, a rival athlete or a business adversary.  They'll know she doesn't mess around.  Just like this disease will know when she's done with it.

One more day of this particularly harsh chemo + steroid and then on to another, with it's own set of drawbacks.  It's cruel, yet amazing, that in order to make her better she must first be made really, really sick.  Everyone has told us there will be good days and bad.  Today was closer to the bad end of the spectrum, but surely there will be worse.  Anna's sleeping now, and if I know my girl like I think I do, she'll wake up ready to make tomorrow a good one.

Thanks as always for the messages of love and support.




  • Kathy DeLaney Eccles

    You and Melissa always said that Anna's strong will would serve her well someday....well, that day is here. Fight on, precious, feisty honey badger!!

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