Ashton TenderHeart in the womb II

The ultrasound with the pediatric cardiologist happened quickly. I accompanied Gina and Sal for this one. I was hoping that I misheard the doctor at the first ultrasound. 

We went in and the cardiologist started the ultrasound. Gina was discussing what she wanted to give Ashton as a middle name,while Sal and I were joking with her about the name she chose. We all started to focus on the ultrasound screens to see what the cardiologist was looking at. When she concluded, she told us we were going to another room to discuss what she saw. 

She informed us that the diagnosis of pulmonary atresia is accurate and pulled out medical reference forms to show us and to explain the situation. She did inform us that she had been practicing medicine for over 20 years, and this was the worse case she had ever seen. She also said it could be worse than what she thinks, but they couldn't determine that until Ashton was born. 

She set up appointments to return to the hospital for follow ups, for social workers, a tour of the heart patient areas, and anything else related.

Gina started to call him TenderHeart.

The rest of the pregnancy was as normal as possible, with lots of extra ultrasound. Gina received many 3-D picture of Ashton. She couldn't wait to hold him in her arms. On August 9, her miracle baby arrived.


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