First Ashton Blood Drive

We hosted our first Ashton Blood drive on Monday, June 2, 2014. We had 27 people registered to donate and 21 were able to give the gift of life.

Below is the thanks we received for our efforts! 

Thanks for coordinating the blood drive yesterday!    We had 21 family and friends of Ashton registered and ready to roll up their sleeves to donate and received 18 gifts of life.     Out of the eight commonly known blood type 11.1% were O+, 22.2%, O-, 33.3% A+, 11.1% A-, and 22.2% were B+.   Because of your efforts and the kind donations from family and friends of Ashton, 54 patients and their families will share another hug, another smile, and more importantly another chance at life.

Please pass on to everyone that participated on what an outstanding jobs they all did and my heartfelt thanks is to you for your kindness and leadership.   On behalf of the 54 patients you will help please accept our sincere THANK YOU!  

We were also able to make this a fundraiser with the Kohl's Associates in Action program. Kohl's was able to get 5 associates out to the blood drive to volunteer to help greet donors, pass out snacks, and also pass out beverages. Since Kohl's believes in helping charities that benefit women and children, when Kohl's associates are available to volunteer. Kohl's also donates $500 to the charity for helping them with their volunteer hours, and we really appreciate it.

Thank you Blood Center of Wisconsin and Kohl's Associates in Action!


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