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FedEx flies girl in need of liver transplant to Chicago in midst of snowstorm - Today Show

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***UPDATE MARCH 26, 2016***

SHE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!

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***UPDATE MARCH 18, 2016***

Brooklyn is now 4 weeks post transplant and 10 days post hospital livin’! She and her sweet parents are settled into the Ronald McDonald House for the coming weeks as she continues to receive treatment from the amazing team at Lurie Children’s Continue Reading »

***UPDATE February 25, 2016 9:30am***

Right this moment Brooklyn is being prepped for surgery! The surgeons anticipate she will be out of surgery by 6pm. 

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**UPDATE** February 24, 2016 7:30PM


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**UPDATE** February 24, 2016 2:30PM

It’s GO TIME everyone! The Faris family just received the call. THE CALL. There is a liver waiting for Brooklyn in Chicago today. Chicago is experiencing a blizzard so the Faris family is still trying to catch a flight. Prayers for the family's Continue Reading »


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Why $75,000?

Perhaps you've seen our $75,000 fundraising goal and wondered one of the following things:

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Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In...

Do you guys like the Avett Brothers?  We do.  Their song "I and Love and You" was one of the inspirations for Brooklyn's name.  

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How You Can Help

If you could help make a miracle, would you?

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