Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Take Me In...

Do you guys like the Avett Brothers?  We do.  Their song "I and Love and You" was one of the inspirations for Brooklyn's name.  

Although I already consider you a friend if you've made it all the way over here to Brooklyn's blog, you might not know anything about us.  Where do I start with Brooklyn's story?

I could start in October of 2014...with an orphanage in China, where a 9-month-old baby girl was declining in health, and they were told she had a 50% chance of living 4-6 months.

I could start with the American who had taken a 4-month sabbatical from her job to work in Chinese orphanages...who found that baby girl in the institute and was captivated by her...who refused to believe that her diagnosis was the end of her story.

I could start with the couple in Memphis, TN who saw a face staring at them in a photo on a social media site, and that face was unshakeable, undeniable, irresistible.  And they knew they would do anything it took to get to her.

The American had begun advocating for the baby girl.  She named the baby "Brooke" for advocating purposes, after the middle name of another baby she knew--a resilient child who had fought for her life and was thriving.

This is where our stories collided, with the picture of "Brooke" that woman had taken and was being shared across the internet in search of a family who could race to her.  

There are so many amazing details of God's hand of protection and provision for one of his smallest daughters.  (SO MANY!)  I'm sure more of them will be revealed as I write more on this blog.  But for now, we'll start with this: this unknown baby across the world has become our daughter.  

She has a rare genetic disease called Alagille Syndrome, and the very shortest story is that her liver is damaged beyond repair and she needs a transplant.

We named her Brooklyn, keeping the part of her given "American" name that honored the woman who has become our dear friend and the spirit of that thriving child she saw in our daughter. And because the lines of this song just kept playing in our heads:

Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in

Are you aware the shape I'm in?

My hands they shake, my head it spins

Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in

Don't read too much more into the song--"I and love and you" are NOT "three words that became hard to say!" ;)  I do love those lines because they reflect the fear that we felt as we stepped forward in faith.  We are not amazing people--we are ordinary people living in an extraordinary story because we're following an amazing God.    

We hope you'll keep checking in with us, as we share more of our journey with you.  We're so thankful for you!


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