***UPDATE MARCH 1, 2016***

Brooklyn's NG tube is out! Her Oxygen line--out. A few more IV lines--OUT. She is out of the ICU  and now on a step down floor for a while longer before being discharged while her health is monitored.  Today she was even able to take a stroller ride to the Family Center at the hospital! Look at that smile on her sweet little face!

Brooklyn is still having trouble with getting enough sleep, however, she is eating solid food now and both arms are free to move and both legs are free. Which means she can give her mom and dad lots of hugs!

The goals of the next few months will be getting back on a regular schedule, ongoing healing from the surgery, and getting out of the hospital. From there the Faris' will still need to reside in Chicago for a bit to attend mandatory appointments.

Because of each of you who have done sooooo much, this sweet family can have one focus-- get Brooklyn healthy! Thank you everyone for all you have done and continue to do for the Faris family. Let's finish this out strong! Let's keep spreading the word about the 75k goal and bring in every last cent before they return to Memphis. 


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