A Short but Sweet message from Chad's wife, Lauren

Some of you are friends of mine on FB and haven't yet learned this part about my family. My husband is an amazing man with an unbeatable spirit. He's a fighter, survivor, incredible father, and husband. We have been blessed with 5 years of marriage, one beautiful (and frankly miraculous) son, and another baby on the way. God has blessed us in unimaginable ways. Chad was born with the genetic disease #cysticfibrosis, which attacked his lungs and has caused him to need a double-lung transplant to survive. He has survived and thrived after having two #doublelungtransplant(s). He will now soon be listed for a third. What we see with our eyes could overwhelm us and destroy our spirits, but we don't look with our eyes. We look with faith and rely on God for our strength daily, hourly, really every moment.

You can come here for updates and to donate financially. Please feel free to share! We are so blessed to have a wonderful community of support surrounding us both here in VA, in NC, and all over! Thank you all so so much. Words can't express our gratitude. Love y'all!


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