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Damian was born May 23,2015 at only 36 weeks he weighed 7.4 lbs and measured 20 1/2 in. At three months Damian was diagnosed with Billiary Atresia a rare liver disease, that affects 1 in about 18,000 babies. In August 2015 doctors performed the Kasai procedure  in hopes that this would help Damian and he would not need a transplant. Unfortunately the procedure was unsuccessful.

In October 2015 we where referred to the Children's Hospital Colorado in aurora Colorado and that is where we were given the news that Damian  would be needing a liver transplant. It has been all overwhelming but with the help of family and friends it has been easier to manage.

Despite Damian's health issues he is a very happy baby, he loves to bounce in his bouncer and has just figured out to make bubbles with his mouth. This is his new favorite thing to do.
We are very excited to let everyone know that Mr Damian has gotten a second chance at life. On Saturday April 23 around 8:30 PM we got the call fr...



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