Weekend at Lake Pickwick

Elena was on a boat! She doesn't let dialysis slow her down. More bothersome was actually the giant life jacket that she was required to wear the whole time we were out on the lake. (We called it her iron lung) She got accustomed to it pretty quickly once we were speeding along the lake. She LOVED boating! She was so content to just lay there and enjoy the ride. Once we figured out how to keep her comfortable, she ate well and napped, all while enjoying the day out on the water.
We are still figuring out how to best travel with all of Elena's special needs. The dialysis machine comes with it's own suitcase so it is made to be portable. Of course, we have tons of supplies for her as well, including her many medications. We have to remember everything she needs for her special diet, her dialysis equipment, and extra dressing supplies. It's a lot to keep track of and once we are all loaded up in the car, you would think we were going away for a month!
It was all completely worth it because Elena had the best time! As I said, she loved boating and she had a great time hanging out with her grandparents and Uncle Glenn, who were also on the trip with us. She slept great in the hotel and we had no complications. This was only our second time taking a family trip with Elena, but we are getting more comfortable and confident in our ability to do so safely. We look forward to taking more family vacations, especially after she has her transplant!
Bottle on the boat!
With big sis- Julianna -
Playtime - 
Driving with Daddy - 


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