•Look at her go!•

And she’s gonna walk herself right out of the joint tomorrow!
Remember the last walking video!? Erika’s come SO far since then and it was only 2 weeks ago. She’s now consistently walking 1.5 miles per day without a walker! She’s speed walking laps around the ICU unit and she’s continuing to do it all with a smile on her face and without oxygen!
The last chest tube she had when this video was taken (attached to the box you see on the front of her walker) is now gone as of this afternoon. This last tube removal was monumental because it was really the last major hurdle to jump before her discharge from the hospital. It was also the last thing that stood between her and nice shower! 

Today and tomorrow will be busy for Erika as she works with the transplant coordinator and other hospital team members to ensure everything is in place for release from the hospital. She and my mom will then move into Transplant House, which is an extended stay, month-to-month apartment complex that is fully furnished and located in close proximity to the hospital. We are very thankful there was an opening and this definitely lessens the burden of trying to find a super clean and conveniently located place to stay. She has to remain within an hour of the hospital for a minimum of 3 months. The duration of stay after those 3 months depends entirely on how her body is doing. Those months will be filled with appts, continued testing and monitoring, medications, medication changes, and self monitoring for signs of infection or rejection.
Many people have asked what they can do to help. In addition to the fundraising site created for Erika, she has created an Amazon wish list which includes items that will keep her environment clean, safe, and comfortable while she is significantly immunosuppressed. She plans to take many walks during her stay in Seattle to keep her lungs, body, and mind healthy, but she’s also thrown in a few fun items to occupy her time during the rainy Seattle days she’s unable to get outside. As always, your thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes are tremendously appreciated. The continued outpouring of love and support have been overwhelming.

She’s determined and dedicated to taking care of her new lungs which have been gifted to her by her donor. We are forever grateful for this selfless gift.

The battle of fighting infection and rejection outside of the hospital in a germ-filled world begins tomorrow.

Erika Pepper
Transplant House
4115 Roosevelt Way NE
Apt 1-413
Seattle, WA 98105



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