•Look who I found!•

The past couple of days have brought continued forward progress. Erika is 3 chest tubes down (3 to go). There was minimal drainage from the remaining tubes today so the surgical team is thinking removal of another tube or maybe 2 tomorrow.
They have switched her pain medications to all oral medication and aside from her chest tubes she only has one IV which is just running maintenance fluids. This means there are only a few tubes left before breaking out of here (sorta).

She went for 2 walks before noon today at a brisk pace WITHOUT oxygen. It’s sort of bizarre to think about and to see. She’s been entirely dependent on her oxygen for so long and now she’s cruising around the unit walking faster than before transplant, without oxygen, and she’s not even winded.
She’s still retaining fluid but this seems to be getting progressively better. Hunter tried every day to get her engagement ring back on, and yesterday it finally fit! That was also good for moral.
I was able to visit her today and I made her some cute lung cookies to treat her and her nurses! Although her team doesn’t seem to need bribery to take good care of her. They are so attentive to her needs and continue to cheer her on and offer her positive reassurance. 
We sat and played card games, we did a little debriefing about everything she’s experienced thus far, and did a little wedding planning. Today was a great day for all of us.


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