•More good news!•

Erika’s PFTs were much improved from last week and her chest X-ray looked beautiful! Great news all day today! Erika had a good conversation with the lead transplant physician named... Erika (with a K too). They talked a lot about how to care for herself post transplant and how to keep herself healthy in a germ filled world full of people with a variety of viral and bacterial illnesses. Post transplant is going to look different not only for Erika, but for those of us who love and care about her. Have the sniffles? Can’t visit Erika. It’s probably just allergies? Can’t visit Erika. I’m past the stage of contagious but still not 100%? Can’t visit Erika. Been in recent close contact with people who are sick but don’t have symptoms? Can’t visit Erika. It’s going to take all of us close to her to keep her healthy too!

Thank you all for your continued love, support, and generosity through this journey so far. Thank you for your donations to COTA in her honor. We are far away from reaching her goal but are working on some fundraising ideas which will go towards this as well, so stay tuned. Erika’s Amazon wishlist has been wiped out multiple times and in a time that feels difficult for her, these amazon packages filled with both necessities and fun have been something great for her to look forward to. So thank you!


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