And all on her own! Her first word with new lungs was •BREATHE• They just pulled the tube and her O2 sats are at 97%! She’s on 3L of supplemental oxygen as a precaution. She’s been on 10L at home for a very long time so this is pretty amazing.

Before they pulled the tube out she was able to write on a dry erase board to communicate for a few minutes while they made sure her vital signs were okay. The first thing she wrote was “breathe now” and then “did I get lungs?” She wrote “isla” and they played her some videos. She wrote “ow” so they showed her how to push the button for pain medication through her epidural, followed by writing “wake me, wake me up” because she really didn’t want to have the tube anymore. ???? They had to wait for her levels to get where they needed to be before they took the tube out. 

They told us all that most people don’t remember very much of being intubated and also very little of this first days in the ICU. This is due to the amnesiac effects of the medications. This has us all reassured knowing these first days are harder on us than they are on her. 

The first thing she said to me was “what’s up”. I told her I loved her and she said "love you too". She got to see and talk to Isla via FaceTime and Isla said "Auntie you have new lungs now?!" And she said "yep". 

Right now she feels like her breathing is really shallow so they're going to do some breathing treatments and work on that. She said she hurts so they're trying to get her pain under control which may also help with her breathing. Her throat is sore which is understandable from being intubated and also because her intubation was difficult. Because of this she can't really talk very loud or very much. It seems like everything is going really well at this time. This part wasn’t quite like the movies or some of the videos you see of people breathing for the first time and I’m sure there will be little bumps along the way still, but this was another HUGE step.

Side note: She was also able to flip Hunter off prior to the tube coming out which she told us before surgery would be a good sign ???? This has us all reassured that the oxygen deprivation at the beginning of surgery didn’t cause significant damage.


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