•She’s breaking out!•

21 days on the inside and now life outside of the hospital walls begins. 
Modern medicine is truly unbelievable. To think that 21 days ago she had gunky, mucous-filled CF lungs and today, she’s standing here with healthy, clear, CF-free lungs and a new lease on life.
These past 21 days have been life changing for Erika and also for her family and friends. It’s astonishing what we take for granted every day. Down to the simple, involuntary act of breathing. Just take a quick minute to stop and feel the rise and fall of your chest as you INHALE and then EXHALE. This is what gives us life. And Erika’s donor gave her this new life. If you are not an organ donor, please considering becoming one. Become an organ donor so someone as deserving as Erika may get a second at life.


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