•She’s got FRESH PIPES!•

One of the surgeons just came to meet with us. Her new lungs are both in and working but she developed pulmonary edema (fluid in her lungs) so they will have to keep a close watch on her. They said this happens in about 20% of cases. As long as that improves, they hope to slowly decrease her sedation tomorrow and be able to extubate her late tomorrow afternoon. We will just have to wait and see how each step goes. 

This was one of the things she was most worried about. Being intubates and unable to communicate. Anyone who knows her, knows she likes to talk ????The surgeon laughed when we told her that and said she was chatting it up on their way to the OR and making them laugh about her niece and nephew. This has us all reassured that her anti-anxiety meds kicked in and that she was able to have happy thoughts during surgery about those two little lovies who can’t wait to run around with their Auntie very soon. 

They are moving her from the OR now into the ICU and then my mom and Hunter can go see her in an hour or so. This has been a day we will never forget and a painstaking wait for many. Erika and our family are forever grateful for all of the love and support thus far. This is just the beginning and she’s got a long road ahead but that girl has some fight in her. 
Your continued thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes are appreciated. COTA donation link to come soon and I will keep everyone updated with each step of her healing and recovery journey.


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