I have something I am super excited to share. We have been working on making T-shirts to raise money for COTA in honor of Erika to assist with transplant related expenses!

Erika has collaborated with Julianne Hammon to create some awesome shirts! Julianne has a background in graphic design and currently owns a clothing boutique with her family called Mama C + Co. Also, Julianne’s husband is a local police officer and owns Hammon’s Auto Spa Mobile Detailing. They are great people that do many amazing things with their talents.

Back to the shirts. . . There is a website called Bonfire that allows individuals to create unique designs and launch a campaign to sell merchandise to their supporters. This is who will make the shirts!

Once we start our campaign, there will be a limited window of time in which we can place our orders (2 weeks). We have to meet a minimum number of sales in order to have a profitable fundraiser. The production of the shirts will start once the ordering time frame closes, and then all the shirts will ship out at the same time after they have been made.

Some benefits of using Bonfire:
-all sales are done directly online, you just pay online and have it shipped right to you 
-you get to select what you want to buy (there will be more than just one color/style of clothing available)

The down side is that there will only be a limited amount of time that you can buy a shirt, since we won’t have an inventory of shirts on hand. If you want one, you’ll have to order right away! The wait time to get the shirt might also seem like a long time since we have to wait for the ordering to close before Bonfire will start making the shirts, and then wait for shipping.

The good news is that the company has great customer service, a great mission, and will provide us with an amazing platform to raise money for COTA in honor of our girl! Who is excited to get a shirt?

Our campaign will launch soon! We’ll keep you posted!!


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