•...and she’s VERTICAL•

Sort of... After a long, sleepless night due to significant pain, they were able to help her stand and move from the bed to the chair this afternoon. They have to slowly and carefully increase her pain medications as they can affect her blood pressure and other vital signs. She was originally rating her pain 12/10 and this afternoon after they got her back to the bed after sitting up she was rating her pain 7/10 so this is a big improvement. 

They were hoping to have her eat something while she was up but she’s nervous to eat since she previously aspirated with intubation. She’s so exhausted and just wants to sleep but it’s important they get her up and moving as soon as possible to prevent prevent blood clots and also to get those new lungs working. There may be a walk later this afternoon ???? Big Day!

Both the surgical and ICU teams saw her this morning and said she’s doing fantastic and as well as they could hope for day 2 after transplant.

We are all hoping for some sleep for her now that she is a little more comfortable. She’s continuing to amaze us all with her strong will and strength.


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