•just BREATHE•

A day spent simply inhaling and exhaling is a great day. Erika and her new lungs seem to be getting the hang of each other.

There isn’t a lot to report today which is a good thing. She has continued to take baby steps in the right direction and had a few lines removed. They were able to wean her oxygen down a little more and she’s currently at 2 Liters with oxygen saturation’s at 100%! She also went for another walk and all of this with a continuously positive attitude.

We also continue to be well aware that these new deep breathes she’s taking would not be possible without the tremendous loss of another family. We don’t know who they are and we may never, but what we do know is that this person chose to donate the organs that they could no longer use, to someone who could. This person chosen to donate life to our Erika, and we are forever grateful for these new lungs she’s been given.
If you aren’t an organ donor, please consider becoming one.


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