Day 317 - Eye Surgery

3pm Update: The Duke Eye team just took Everett back for his surgery. (they were delayed this morning due to emergency surgeries.) Everett's procedure should last about 2 hours. Thank you for your extra support and prayers today!














7pm Update: Thank you so much for the additional support and prayers today! Surgery went very well! The anesthesiologist was excited to share that everything went very smoothly and Everett was a perfect patient. "Perfect" is not a word we hear very often during Everett's doctor appointments, so of course this brought tears to Mommy's eyes.

And his neuro-ophthalmologist was also excited to share that in addition to the surgery going well, Everett's retina scan showed that both his retina and optic nerve are "perfectly healthy," which is not something she expected.

Everett will need eye drops throughout the day for the next week and has to wear arm bands to prevent him from rubbing his eyes. The healing process can be quite uncomfortable, but thankfully, Everett seems to be adjusting well and even opened his eyes several times.









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